Survival Card- Arrow Card (GRIM SURVIVAL TOOLS)


Arrow-Head Survival Card

Pack a backpack, or in this case, a quivers worth of gear into your pocket, no heavy bag, no giant overfilled pockets, just Slip this tool into your wallet, backpack, or a small tin and its always right there for you. If carrying tools with you isn’t your style, peel the adhesive backing off of the tool and stick it onto any flat surface, it has a permanent adhesive on one side so it can be stuck to box lids, outside, inside, or anywhere else you can think to put it. You wont find any bottle openers here, this tool is about function. This tool has a handful of barbed arrowheads each with several anchor points for putting your arrow together, all you need is a strait stick, and materials for fletching (we’ve used everything from feathers, to tape, and plastic bags for this). This tools the perfect addition to any survival, emergency, or edc kit, or as a backup tool for the avid hunter or bushcraft enthusiast. Each item is reusable and can be removed from the card base and deployed, then returned back into its original position when your finished with it. So you get the storage size of a credit card with the function’s you’d find in a small backpack of gear minus the bulging pockets and sore back. Oh yeah, and its reusable to boot.

This tool pairs nicely with our Slingbow, and cordage card

Tool Specs

  • Made in the USA
  • Credit card sized- under 1mm thick Sized to fit into a wallet, small tin, or small pocket
  • Stainless steel- highly corrosion resistant surgical grade stainless, Tough and functional with slight spring to it
  • Tool retention system- one side (black) allows semi permanent adhesion allowing tools to be removed, and used again and again, then put back. Non Magnetic non sticky. The other side (white) has a permanent adhesive allowing you to stick your tool kits to other objects allowing for unparalleled accessibility.
  • Items included- Barbed arrow-heads x8