An Inergy Flux Generator is a Key Piece of your Preparedness Planning

An Inergy Flux Generator is a Key Piece of your Preparedness Planning

Preparedness planning is about more than just prepping for the apocalypse. Being prepared for emergencies like grid-downs, natural disasters, or even civil war is critical. Whatever the situation, a portable power source will be an essential resource. Traditional gas generators are powerful, but they are also extremely loud and produce toxic fumes if you attempt to use them indoors. We’re going to talk about the benefits and pitfalls of lithium-ion battery generators.

Top 3 reasons to choose a solar generator over gas.


Gasoline tank floating in space - a scarce resource!

  1. Discretion

    If you’re trying to advertise your location to everyone within 50km of you, then a gas generator might be your choice. However, if you are looking to be more discreet, solar generators use lithium-ion batteries that are completely silent and powerful. If you’re living in a smaller space, such as an apartment or bug-out vehicle, a gas generator will be too loud to use.

  2. Weight

    A gas generator is too heavy to quickly move if you have to relocate––especially with limited cargo space or on foot. A solar generator has more portability, and solar panels come in various styles for easier packing.

  3. Resources

    Will you have enough gasoline to power a gas generator for a long period of time? A renewable and readily available energy source like the sun is a foolproof way to ensure you always have power when you need it most. 

Why is having a generator critical in your emergency planning? 

Regardless of where you live in the world, several factors can bring down power. From ice storms to flooding to civil unrest, having a consistent source of energy is a critical consideration. Having access to power can allow you to cook, charge electronics, conserve food resources, and keep warm while sheltering in place. This is especially true in an urban setting where you have less access to natural resources or places to utilize fire. 


Natural disaster devastates surrounding area

What makes the Inergy Flux one of the best solar generators? 

Technology is developing at a rapid pace, which is allowing for superior options for survival planning. The Inergy Flex 1500 solar generator has a modular system that allows for increased flexibility in use, where other lithium-ion battery-based generators have a unibody design. The Flux solar generator allows you to exchange the output heads if they become outdated and attach extra batteries for simultaneous charging. The modular design is an innovation we are glad to see, as it allows you to maximize the life of the lithium-ion batteries that power the unit––well past the relevance of its outputs.

Inergy generator used to power home appliances and devices

While it is not a whole-home solution, it is an indispensable tool. The Inergy Flux’s 1500 watts continuous energy output will power most electronics and appliances in your home––including a refrigerator. The modular design allows you to connect and charge multiple batteries at a time, allowing you to always have a backup. This modular design allows you to use multiple batteries when powering large appliances, like a fridge or freezer, and pack only one battery for a camping trip where you’re charging devices or lights. This design improves its overall functionality compared to a unibody model by making it more versatile for multiple applications. 

A solar generator is great for your camper, off-grid home, or bug-out vehicle.

Solar powered inergy generator in the back of a pickup truck

The Flux generator is good for emergencies, but it is also an excellent investment for your bug-out vehicle or even to power an off-grid tiny home. You can power several types of electronics with the generator’s multiple outputs, and you can power the batteries faster by connecting multiple solar panels. In addition, the compact design is perfect for smaller spaces. 

Want an in-depth look at the Inergy Flux 1500 solar generator? 

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