Eberlestock Batwing Pouch (1 Pouch)

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The Batwing is the most popular attachment within the EMOD system, Eberlestock's proprietary system of mostly-zippable packs, pouches, and accessories that are compatible with both the F1 Mainframe as well as the Carrier Frame, as well as a select class of standalone Eberlestock packs including the J34 Just One, Warhammer, and Skycrane II. 

Most commonly used as a pair, batwings will zip to the ultra-durable YKK zippers found on any of the compatible packs, and then zip together in the middle. This allows the Batwings to be zipped apart and laid open for placing and securing meat or gear between them while they stay securely fixed to the frame.

The Batwing pouch is a minimalist design, with one internal elastic pocket and one smaller quick access pocket on the outside. There is a bladder hose port so that you can use the internal sleeve for a water bladder. The outside of the Batwing consist of a few rows of 10mm MOLLE webbing, while the back features traditional 25mm MOLLE webbing. The webbing back on the back of the Batwing allows F1 Mainframe compression straps to be looped through them when too short to go around the outside of the Batwing. 

The Batwing pouch is most commonly paired with the F1 Mainframe for Ultralight day hunts, or the F1 Mainframe and one of the three sizes from the Vapor Series. Pairing the Batwing(s) with the Vapor pack allows you to haul the entire system to your desired camp location, and then downgrade to just the F1 Mainframe and Batwings for an extremely light, streamlined system for hunting out of camp. 

Dimensions: 21" tall by 6" wide and 5" deep.

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