Harvest Right X-Large PRO Tray Lids (Set of 7)


Due to oversizing, shipping is available only in Canada*

  • *If you have purchased a new X-Large Pro series freeze dryer (Since Aug 1, 2023), these lids work perfectly for covering trays of food and freezing in a freezer. However, they cannot be used for freeze drying if you have a Medium or Large Pro freeze dryer.
  • Great for covering food and stacking trays in freezer when pre-freezing food
  • Lids snap directly onto Harvest Right trays (x-large)
  • Perfect for saving space in your freezer.
  • Use these lids as trays when freeze drying. They work as well as the stainless steel trays.
  • When used for freeze drying, they food doesn't stick to them. Great for things that are sticky. Don't need parchment paper or silicone inserts.
  • When used as trays they are perfect for liquids as the liquids are less likely to slosh and spill over the sides.

Dimensions: 10.9” W x 29.5” L x 0.75” H

What's Included:

Includes 7 lids for use with x-large PRO freeze dryer trays.