Hultafors Blacksmiths Hammer Z1200


Hultafors Blacksmith's Hammer Z1200 is the ideal tool for those looking for a heavy-duty hammer with a slim profile.

This hammer is made from high-quality materials and is designed to last. The forged steel head has a slim profile for accurate hammering and the handle is made from high-quality hickory wood for a good grip and balance. The head is coated in an anti-corrosion layer and is heat treated to ensure lasting performance. The Z 1200 is ideal for forging, riveting, and other blacksmithing applications, as well as general carpentry work.

With its slim profile, this hammer is easy to handle and perfect for precise work. Get the job done right with the Hultafors Blacksmith's Hammer Z1200.

• Head Weight: 1.2 kg 

• Total Length: 330 mm 

• Head Length: 200 mm 

• Head Width: 200 mm 

• Handle Length: 130 mm 

• Striking Face: Polished 

• Processed Edge: Edges ground and polished 

• Finish: Black painted head and handle 

• Head Material: High-alloyed steel