Silky Saws Katanaboy 500mm | Extra Large Teeth (403-50)


This beefy two-handed folding saw is Silky’s answer to the ‘man-powered chain saw.’ And more portable than the Silky Katanaboy 650mm. This heavy-duty folding saw with a 19 4/5- or 25 3/5-inch, resharpenable blade of superior quality steel, easily competes with a chainsaw. Expect to make mincemeat out of any firewood-sized limbs with a KATANABOY that packs a taper-ground blade with a non-slip rubberized grip. The KATANABOY comes with a sturdy, nylon shoulder bag with Velcro® fastening and pocket for replacement blades. Translated into English, Katana means, ‘curved single-edged sword,’ considered the weapon of choice for Samurai warriors. Today, the KATANABOY is the folding saw of choice for trail building, ATVing as well as all of your outdoor needs.

Product Features

  • 19-4/5-inch (500 mm) blade length
  • 46-3/8-inch (1,185 mm) overall length
  • 26-inch (665 mm) folded length
  • 4 teeth per inch (5 teeth per 30 mm) teeth configuration
  • 2 pound (920 grams) weight
  • Comes with black carrying case made of strong synthetic fiber
  • Security screw protects against accidental opening or closing of the blade
  • Product applications include pruning & trimming, lawn & garden, construction
  • Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Brought this saw out with me when I went camping for a week. I was able to buck all my firewood for the campfire, and load my truck with bed length logs 8-10 inch diameter, to take home... "with proper personal firewood harvesting permit" and did not touch my chainsaw once. Was easy to use, just let gravity do the work, and it easily cut through the wood with ease. Be carful when opening and closing the saw, for it is very sharp.

Beauty saw

I am happy with my purchase. As always the friendly folk at Canadian Preparedness took care with the packaging. It came quickly. Was marked for security required. Which I appreciate as a lot of packages go missing when left on someones door stop. That's the type of thinking agead you get when dealing with this company though. Customer oriented. Not out to flease you. It's why I keep coming back. Love the saw and appreciate the work that you guys do to elevate people to thrive through crisis. Spooky how accurate some of your guys predictions are. Cheers and many thanks.

Brian Oppenheimer
Like a chainsaw but without the noise

I went to my local WMA [Wildlife Management Area] with my new saw and found a myself an 8-10" diameter fallen tree to test this out on. When the instructions say let the saw do to work it means exactly that! I initially had a tough time getting a cut started because I was adding to much force and the saw was digging in so deep I couldn't pull it through smoothly. I let up on the force applied and let gravity do the work and this thing ripped through that 8" log in moments. Literally about 5 pulls of the saw. After a little practice on several medium large logs [up to about 12" diameter] I got the hang of how to use this and found with very little effort I was ripping through wood quickly and with little effort. I feel like I could process a great deal of wood in a very short time without concern about overheating, sweating or muscle strain.

The safety locking device is easy and welcomed since the teeth on this tool are VERY sharp. The handle is a no slip material that is easy to grip. I found the sheath to be serviceable with a pocket for extra blades and mounted it on the exterior of my bag pretty easily.

These silky saws are terrific! Get one of appropriate size for all your bush craft needs.