Limitless Growth 10 Vegetable Seed Varieties | Extended Season | 3,000+ Seeds

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  • 22 VEGETABLE SEED VARIETIES - Mixed kit includes herbs & vegetables. Heirloom, Organic/biologiques plants.
  • 12,000+ NON-GMO SEEDS - Assorted Veggie Seeds that are Good For The Planet & Food!
  • LARGE SEED VARIETY - Pack contains 14 vegetables seed varieties and 8 herb seed varieties
  • WEST-COAST CANADIAN SEEDS - Grown in the west coast of Canada. Add this pack to your seed supplies
  • SEEDS PROTECTED IN MOISTURE PROOF BAGS. Seeds store well for your open seed vault bank

10 Varieties Of Vegetable Seeds - 3,000 Seeds (All Season)!

10 different varieties of vegetable seeds with a total of 3,000+ seeds!

This pack of vegetable seeds is sure to give you lots of varieties to choose from so you have a bountiful survival garden seed vault.

Seeds are packed in a resealable bag for safe keeping and have included silica packs to ensure the seed packs maintain proper humidity for optimal lifespan.