Limitless Growth Survival Garden 36 Seed Varieties Pack | 15,000+ Seeds

  • 36 Varieties of All Natural Vegetable Seeds: Non hybrid, Non gmo, Heirloom
  • 100% Naturally Grown in Canada and Open Pollinated seeds with high Germination Rate
  • Seeds Stored in Air Tight, Moisture Proof Resealable Bag for Safer, Long Term Storage. 
  • WEST-COAST CANADIAN SEEDS - Grown in the west coast of Canada
  • Carefully Selected Seed and Vegetable Varieties to Provide a Well Balanced Healthy Diet & thriving garden

36 Varieties Of Garden Seeds - 15,000 Seeds!

36 different varieties of garden seeds with a total of 15,000+ seeds!

This pack of vegetable seeds and herb seeds is sure to give you lots of varieties to choose from so you have a bountiful survival garden seed vault.

Seeds are packed in a resealable bag for safe keeping and have included silica packs to ensure the seed packs maintain proper humidity for optimal lifespan.

Leafy Greens, Herbs, Vegetables, & Companion Flowers!

There are 4 variety companion flowers included in this pack to help keep pests under control and attract pollinators. This improves your harvest yield and makes pest management a little easier. On top of that, Marigolds and Calendula can be eaten and added to salads. Sunflowers grow sunflower seeds for a healthy protein source, and echinacea can be dried for a tea that helps your immune system. These aren't just flowers, they are compliments to your garden, health, and food!

Leafy greens include a variety of lettuce, kale, chard, mustard, pac choi, and spinach. These provide lots of the nutrients your body needs and can create large amounts of food!

Herbs are sure to add extra flavour to all your dishes.

Large amounts of vegetables will create bountiful harvests and save you loads of money from the grocery store.

Hedge Against Inflation!

As we all know, inflation is on the rise, and we are seeing it every time we go shopping for food. This variety pack of seeds can greatly reduce your spending and possibly replace it when your garden is planned and grown properly. We have calculated this pack to being able to save 50,000+ dollars on your grocery bill when grown successfully. You can even grow year round in most areas of Canada when you utilize different growing methods. For instance, outside growing can use poly tunnels and shade cloths to expand the outdoor season. Hydroponics and aquaponics can reduce your water bill. Indoor growing via tents and window sills can bring your growing indoors. Vertical growing and patio growing can maximize growing space.

Non Hybrid, Open Pollinated Seeds, Non-GMO and Chemical Free

We believe in only using the best quality seeds. Our seeds are always non-gmo and grown without the use of chemicals. All seeds are open-pollinated and you can even collect your own seeds at the end of the season to create your own survival seed vault!

100% Canadian Owned and Grown Garden Seeds

Limitless Growth seeds are 100% Canadian grown and owned. Some seeds on Amazon are grown in the USA or even China, not us!

Our workforce is all done in Canada, all growers are in Canada, and all packaging is purchased from small Canadian businesses.

Save Money and Grow Your Own Food

We believe that one of the best family activities is teaching your children to grow food. This is a skill that helps them and you become more self reliant. You won't need to count on the supply chain running smoothly when you can grow all your own food. They say that one of the healthiest activities is gardening. If you want to find an activity that helps your family and all future generations, then look no further. Growing your own food has the ability to make a huge difference in creating a more sustainable planet and household!

Online Growing Guides

Yes, that majority of seeds can be grown utilizing the same methods, but to maximize your growing performance you will need to adapt your growing method for each plant and that's why our growing guides are online. Our online growing guides will show you ideal companion plants, harvest cycles, etc. We are also actively building software that will optimize your planning and growing methods.


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