NorTent Gamme 6 - Winter Hot Tent for 6 People- Arctic Light


*Designed in Norway/ imported to North America (our price difference with manufacturer is based on high import fees associated with this item, you only pay a fraction of that cost at our price). 

*Price includes GROUND FLOOR & STAKES

*Does not include the INNER TENT (Gamme 6 Inner Tent sold separately)

  • 4 seasons.
  • Capasity: 6 persons. 4 persons with innertent
  • Flysheet: 
    Gamme 6 Arctic:
  • Plugs/ stakes: 24 aluminium Y-peg
  • Guylines: 10
  • Pole thickness: Black 13mm, red 11mm
  • Weight: Tent with stakes and poles: 7,6 kg
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Diameter: 370 cm

    NORTENT Gamme 6 is a spacious and solid tent. A big "home" for 6 people with 2 entrances. When using the inner tent, there is room for 4 people with space for luggage. Gamme 6 is designed for the most inhospitable conditions. Spacious but at the same time mobile and light in relation to what this tent has to offer. Gamme 6 has a total of 5 poles that crosses at seven different points. In addition to the fact that this tent is free-standing with five aluminum poles, The Gamme 6 provides a hugely strong construction that can withstand severe weather and heavy snow-load. A "cabin" to carry in the bag.  Our inspiration for this tent comes in fact from an ancient Norwegian form of a hut. The Gamme has been used since the first people came to Norway and used by the Sami until today. The Gamme gave shelter and security to the indigenous people over centuries. Like all our tents, the Gamme also has storm-flaps all around the tent to make the tent even more stable with snow, sand or stones over the flaps. A 4-season tent that provides shelter and protection in most conditions. Summer and winter. Even without the guylines, the tent stands very firmly in the wind. But when needed, the tent has a total of 10 guylines. A truly versatile 6 man tent for the vast majority of adventures and expeditions.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Storm trooper!

    In -42 with a wind chill of -49 I was comfortable sleeping on my cot. I had the winner well large stove going ( can’t wait to try it with the secondary burner) and I was nice and warm . No problems with condensation . Lots of air vents to keep that from happening. Like the other guy, I think the door should zip closed completely because weasels and martins find their was in pretty fast . It’s nice but pretty much over priced. I had the same problem of a seam tearing , so that I wasn’t happy about. The bag it comes in is kind of flimsy . I just threw it in a large dry bag to solve that problem, other than that I’d get the Gamme 10 when they come out . Probably sell the gamme 6.

    Lots of pros, few cons

    I used this hot tenting once already. I set up in a place where I was not able to pound in any ground stakes, but was able to tie off all the guy lines to trees and it was very secure. The snow skirt comes out far enough for a good amount of snow.
    I camped on my own and was able to set up by myself without any issue. I did not have a problem with excess condensation. It dropped to -25 Celsius at night, and I had chosen a winnerwell woodlander large stove to heat it. 3.5 inch pipe fits easily through the stove jack. Some sparks did make it down to the tent and did not burn a single hole and I put many charges of wood through. The large stove got that tent cooking, I was using a tall cot, byer of Maine sold here and when sitting it was easily 28 °C where my head was with 4 vents open in the tent and both stove baffles nearly fully closed. I had to crack some doors, but I managed 2.5 hours in a single burn. Even though the tent does not zip at the bottom of the door, there was zero draft and maintained heat. I wish there were pockets or aves to hang things off the wall. There is spot to hang a light in the center. Very sturdy, good material. If you are going to go winnerwel large and you're canadian, be aware that it was very difficult to get a bag and cleaning brush. Most places were sold out everything I checked.

    Good tent

    Easy to set up, but it’s seams could have been made stronger. 2 nd time I use it and the seam in one part is tearing open and the carrying bag could have been made more solid because I have 2 holes now on the carrying bag. Is it worth it ? It cost me 1700$ to get it from the company .500$ shipping . Hope it will last but seeing its got some work to be done on it. Some modifications could be made to it like the front door should close all the way instead of stopping before zipping the bottom part.the zipper on the carry bag could be made heftier and a second zip head instead of one only. Being that expensive it s going to have to be put in a dry seal bag from now on.hope they have patch kits that have large pieces to repair it. It’s too bad . I found that it looked good.