NorTent Gamme 6 - Winter Hot Tent for 6 People- PolyCotton Heavy


*Designed in Norway/ imported to North America (our price difference with manufacturer is based on high import fees associated with this item, you only pay a fraction of that cost at our price). 

*Price includes GROUND FLOOR & STAKES

*Does not include the INNER TENT (Gamme 6 Inner Tent sold separately)

  • Fabric: Polycotton, 35% cotton 65% polyester
    • Oxford nylon: lower section.
  • Dyneema reinforcement
  • Pegs: 24 Y-peg
  • Pole: 5 pcs, 15,2 mm aluminium
  • Guylines: 10 (14) pcs, Dyneema.
  • Min weight (without pegs ): 12,7 kg
  • Max weight (with pegs): 13,5 kg
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Diameter: 370 cm

    Our inspiration for this tent comes in fact from an ancient Norwegian form of a hut. The Gamme has been used since the first people came to Norway and used by the Sami until today. The Gamme gave shelter and security to the indigenous people over centuries.

    We have used a fabric that takes the best from two worlds, with the good properties of synthetic fabric and the good properties of cotton. With the Hybrid fabric consisting of polyester and cotton, we present a strong, breathable and relatively light fabric, compared to a 100% cotton canvas. This means that you can still pack the tent into the backpack, with the breathable and insulating properties of a cotton tent. To prevent the polycotton fabric from absorbing dirt and moisture from the ground, we have installed a very robust nylon section at the very bottom of the tent. This is able to withstand a rougher treatment where you may load it with snow and stones to make the tent even more stable in inclement weather.

    Gamme 6 PC has a total of 5 poles that crosses at seven different points. In addition to the fact that this tent is free-standing with five aluminum poles, The Gamme 6 PC provides a hugely strong construction that can withstand severe weather and heavy snow-load..

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