NORTENT Mjodhall 16 (INNER TENT) Liner


With the innertent in Mjodhall 16 you have the possibility of a more controllable indoor climate. In addition to a dry area, you also get a slightly more warm indoor climate and of course also keep those mosquitos away. The stove in the tent can be used together with the both inner tents where it is possible to obtain an incredibly warm and dry indoor climate regardless of the seasons. The inner tent can be opened up so you can utilize the entire tent and have an easy access to the stove. 

With the possiblibilities of two seperate innertents you get a very flexible living area

In order to ensure flexible access and the possibility of optimal ventilation and an adjustable climate in the inner tent, there is an opening/ entrance both in front and in the back of the inner tent. In both entances there are both mosquito net and a"dense" nylon fabrics that can be used as needed, These are regulated with handy YKK zippers. On cold days, you can "bunk" the inner tent completely closed with the dense fabric in the openings. On warmer days you can open up, but at the same time keep mosquitoes and other insects away with mosquito nets in all openings

We have also equipped the innertent with adjustable "hatches" in the ceiling that can be opened/ closed to more easily prevent condensation as needed. These are like all other openings equipped with mosquito nets


  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Persons: 4 (In each)

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