Russian Bear 'Hexagon' Best for 8 person Woodstove Tent

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The Hexagon is a large and insulated living module. Whether you camp with a group or only two people, this tent provides the comforts of home. One of the walls can be opened up to a roof in front of the tent with mosquito nets. This area could be used as a dining room or terrace. The wood stove evenly heats the tent interior. This tent has a hexagonal shape. We recommend using bunk beds. This is our flagship model, which has received a great response from our customers.


  • From wall to wall - 154"
  • From corner to corner - 177"
  • Height - 83”
  • Weight - 95 lbs
  • Window - 5 pieces
  • Entrance - 3 pieces
  • Diameter of smoke pipe hole - 1 hole - 3.54”
  • Package dimensions: 1 bag - 88.58” х 11.81” х 11.81”.  

Bear in mind, final product may look differently. The manufacturer reserves the right to unilaterally without notifying the customer to change the color and final design of the products


  • Outer tent, inner tent with floor, frame
  • Legs for folding wall - 2 pieces
  • Tent-pegs - 1 set
  • Transparent velcro window - 5 piece
  • Detachable organizer with Velcro fastener - 2 pieces
  • Tension rope - 164.04”
  • Dome net shelf - 2 pieces
  • Bag - 1 piece
  • Spare parts kit - 1 piece

IMPORTANT - The wood stove and three-layer insulated floor are additional options and sold separately.

Spacious accommodation:

The Hexagon is an all-season living module for 3-8 people. It is the largest tent in our products range. The shelter is made in the form of a hexagon. At 150,00 square feet, the Hexagon is comparable to an apartment room. A person of average height can stand upright anywhere inside. Installation is an easy process like our UP-series tents. While you’ll need a bit more time to fully install the tent, you’ll get a "comfortable house”.

Suitable for all-season camping:

This all-weather tent protects you from the hot summer sun and from severe winter cold. Regardless of the weather outside, your stay in the Hexagon tent will be comfortable and enjoyable. The wood stove helps maintain a comfortable temperature in winter. We’ve recorded a comfortable temperature of 85°+ F inside the tent while -22° F outside.

Durable and reliable materials:

The tent frame is made of aviation alloy B95T1: a durable, high-strength material that restores its initial shape even after bearing a heavy load. The outer layer of the tent is manufactured from a sturdy, innovative, and water-resistant material, Oxford 300 PU 4000, and the inner layer is manufactured from Oxford 210 PU 2000. The air space between two layers significantly decreases condensation and effectively retains interior heat.

Safety features:

Our tents have all the necessary safety features, including protective metal shields on the stove to prevent the risk of fire and burning, light-reflecting elements that are visible to drivers and help prevent accidents, a zippered floor that provides protection from insects and snakes in warm weather and from water in rainy weather, etc.

Protection from insects:

All doors and windows have mosquito nets and reinforced zippers. We started using reinforced zippers especially for winter.

Because we are committed to continually improving our product, we encourage feedback from our customers to implement improvements and add new features to our product.

We hope you are as confident about the quality and safety of our product as we are!

Please note before order: The Hexagon tent does not come with a Vestibule, it's an option. The tent comes with 1 Velcro window. The Hexagon tent comes with 10 standard and 10 winter pegs.

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