Silky Saws Gunfighter 330mm | Curved (730-33)


A saw with quick release interchangeable blade system.

Blade length- 330 mm

Blade type- Large Teeth (progressive teeth)  6-8.5 Teeth per inch > 5.1-7.2 TPI

Non-Set Teeth

-The blade is taper ground to reduce resistance, giving smoother, easier, faster cutting performance.


-The blade has 4 cutting angles along its length, leaves a smooth survface after cutting and can rip-cut, crosscut or slant cut.


-The teeth of the blades are heated instantly and hardened and stay sharp about three times as long as non-hardened teeth.

Electroless nickel Plating

-New Electroless Nickel plating coating process allows the entire blade even the teeth to be coated, this provides superior wear and rust resistance, improved cutting performance and extended blade life.

Rubber Handle

-The rubble handle is comfortable to hold, reduces vibration and offers superior grip when the hands are wet or cold or when wearing gloves.