The Path to Wild Food


Taking a refreshing and practical approach, The Path to Wild Foods is an ethical field guide and recipe book that promotes respect for the natural world and for the cultures that use it effectively. Written by an accomplished ethnobotanist and educator, this book rekindles an interest in natural foods, including taking best advantage of “nature’s pharmacy” for medicinal plant use.

Learn about the variety of plants around you to harvest and what to do with them once you have collected them!

• Rekindles appreciation for the adventure of collecting wild plants for food and      flavour
• Fosters respect for nature and finding ways to feed ourselves beyond the supermarket
• Includes various plant types from trees and shrubs to herbs and wetland plants
• Describes a variety of parkland and prairie plants along with potential uses
• Provides recipes using many of the species identified
• Highlights some of the ethics and risks of wildcrafting
• Identifies poisonous plants to avoid
• Explores the wisdom of Indigenous Knowledge

(192 pages)

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