Worksharp Pivot Knife Sharpener WSEDCPVT-I

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The Pivot Knife Sharpener® is our most affordable and easy to use knife sharpener. This simple 2 step sharpener quickly and easily sharpens and hones any knife to like new results in seconds.

The 25° Convex-Carbide® sharpening blades quickly restore a sharp edge; while the fine grit ceramic rods hone the blade back to a refined edge. Additional 320 grit diamond sharpening surface is ideal for touching up knives, tools and even fishhooks.

Compact size easily stows in your pack, pocket, tool or tackle box.

  • Sharpen on convex carbide, hone on ceramic.
  • Compact, packable design
  • Sharpen tools on diamond
  • Lanyard Hole


Weight (w/ package) 2.4 oz
Product Type Sharpener
Sharpening Angles 25°
Included Abrasives Ceramic Sharpening Kit, Coarse Diamond, Convex-Carbide™
Extra Features  Fish Hook Sharpener
Weight 1.2 oz
Warranty 3 Years